Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair Loss

If your hair is falling out or breaking off you have probably gone to the chemist and asked for the best tablets you can take for Non Surgical Hair Replacement and maybe even purchased some expensive shampoo and conditioner.  The quality shampoo and conditioner has its place, but that will not fix the hair follicle long-term.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Options

Before you can decide which is best for you, you need to speak to a qualified person.We would recommend as all their branches have  a Trichologist who will take a sample of your hair and analyse it to determine which Non Surgical Hair Replacement treatment could be an option for you.  This needs done to determine the root of the issue and then they can tell you what is achievable and give you timescales that you can work with.  People may look at wigs, hair pieces etc but they are not natural hair and nothing is being done to encourage new hair growth.

Once the results are determined of the hair follicle, the Trichologist could discuss the non surgical hair replacement options, this may be something that takes up to one year for you to see and feel the full benefit, but it will be worthwhile.  The end goal is for you to have a full head of hair that is healthy, full bodied and looks great.

People notice healthy hair, they can see it looks good, and there will be a natural shine in its appearance.  The hair should be encouraged to grow, non surgical hair replacement procedures or treatments can stop or slow down excessive hair loss.

Get in touch

Contact the hair transplant clinic and ask to make an appointment for a Trichologist, sometimes the first appointment is free but always ask so you don’t get a fright at the reception desk after the appointment.  Find out what you need to pay for and what is free.  Also ask about turnaround times so you are not waiting weeks for any test results to come back.