Laser Hair Transplant

Laser Hair Transplant is used to stimulate the scalp, this generates new and healthier cells in the scalp.  Ultimately and in time, this will result in an increase in hair quality and the hair follicles should be stronger.  People may think laser hair transplant is less intrusive as a full hair transplant.

Non Surgical – Laser Hair Transplant

It is considered non surgical which appeals to a lot of people.  Especially as an adult, it can all be daunting.  It is very safe and pain free.  Men, Women and Transgender will be able to get laser hair transplant, but make sure you give us a full medical history including any medication you are taking.  We prefer to have a note of everything. 

It is recommended on patients suffering from psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis. Now for the science; Light from a laser in a specific wavelength will have an effect on your body. It is theorized that when the laser light is absorbed by what we call target tissue molecules, the energy level of the molecules will increase making the molecules respond by ‘working off’ the excess energy with adaptive changes.

If you are suffering from loss of hair or baldness then a Laser Hair Transplant could be the ideal solution for you.  Not having a full head of hair that looks good can make you feel less confident, this can have an impact on different areas of your life.  Take that worry away by making an appointment with the clinic ASAP.  Their job is to help YOU!

Find the best clinic

The clinic we recommend is very good, they are clear in explaining things and have strong work ethics.  What you want in a situation like this is a clinic you can phone and ask the most basic of questions and not feel silly.