Hair Transplant

You may be suffering from hair loss or a receeding hair line, maybe even baldness.  If you are at the stage of thinking about a hair transplant then speak to the specialist we recommend via our home page on this blog.

Hair Loss

Some hair transplant clinics offer a free consultation, this should be with a fully qualified Trichologist.  This is a professional person who is suitably qualified to assess your hair follicle and give you their opinion.  Make sure you find out if the appointment is free of charge, or if you need to pay a fee.  You don’t want to be embarrassed at the reception desk after your time with them!

Once they have assessed your hair follicle, they will tell you what they think is good for you to consider.  They will no doubt take a note of your full medical history and even ask to speak to your G.P. if you go ahead with them for a treatment plan.

A lot of people go abroad for this due to cost, but what happens when you are back home in the UK and if you feel you have issues?  To have someone local and on-hand is worth its weight in gold.  The clinic we recommend tries to keep their costs low so they can get your business.

Speaking to the right person for you can be the time consuming part, you need to find someone that you are happy meeting up with, spending time with them working on your scalp when doing the hair transplant and a person that gives you confidence in their abilities.

Treatments – Hair Transplant

The hair transplant treatments can be medication through to a full hair transplant.  There are many other options available like Biofibre or Laser Hair Transplants, the Trichologists job is to find the best treatment for you.  Find out about the cost, does the clinic offer flexible payment terms?